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Aaaannnd here’s the WIP of that Roy/Cole: Traitor video that I mentioned. 

It hurts. 


"Begin to work on the first half of the screen-write this weekend"

*checks syllabus and sees it says to submit the first 7.5 pages of the rough draft*

*Emails teacher asking what to do. Teacher emails back saying submit what you have*

I have nothing. I had to quickly bullshit the first 4ish…

Dialogue. Make it ranty, make it long. That gives you a lot. Hell, I just wrote six pages in about three hours yesterday because there’s yelling. And the worst you’ll prob get is a scolding if its at four. 


Get to know me meme - [1/5] Favorite Female Characters: Darcy Lewis

Short but sweet. 



i am demisexual meaning i am only attracted to those born of gods or who are themselves a deity. move out of the way assholes, i’m gonna fuck zeus

You know this Arrow never misses it’s mark…


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Sebastian Stan full body shot in ‘Picnic’



Sebastian Stan full body shot in ‘Picnic’


Sin City is so much better when it’s interpreted as a man seeking revenge for “Goldie,” his recently deceased pet goldfish.

  #Movies that I'm not sure are so bad they're good or just bad in general just get so much better with this one's commentary    #We had way too much fun making puns/jokes about it  

guy of gisborne: childhood

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I just had the thought, “Wow, Godzilla looks really humanoid-ish” in the trailer for the new remake, and then I realized- if they’re keeping the original sound, they’re probably going for the old look- the guy in the suit… 

That is either going to turn out awesome or laughable. Or both. 


steve, bucky and sam going out for early-morning jogs. every time steve and bucky pass sam, they yell “ON YOUR LEFT” and “ON YOUR RIGHT” respectively. sam gets increasingly frustrated. but after a while, steve and bucky realise they haven’t passed sam again, and he’s nowhere to be seen. and they start to get worried, fearing the worst, until suddenly they hear a shout “ON YOUR ABOVE, ASSHOLES” as sam swoops overhead, leaving them behind

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I think I just saw my dad’s coworker who does work as an extra in a bunch of stuff in White Collar.

It was too quick of a glance, but the physical description/my memory of the photo fit, so I bet that was him. 

Good, it only took three years of scouring episodes of this and the handful of other things he’s mentioned to my dad. 

I feel accomplished :3

Emma: You love me?
Killian: Yes
Emma: Only me?
Killian: No
Emma: Apart from the Jolly Roger?
Killian: Yes